REO Transformation Purchase Solution

June 12, 2009

Eliminate deep REO price discounts, expand your pool of buyers, and shorten asset carry times.

One loan, one closing.  TTLS, REO Transformation Solutions combines the home purchase and the property improvements into one single-closing, first mortgage. You move more properties, and the loan balance on the REO purchase is increased by as much as 40%!

REO Transformation Solutions is the new alternative.

  • Solve many of the problems associated with carrying REO properties with just one phone call: inspections, repairs, fund control, fraud prevention, Title clearance, and securing a loan.
  • Eliminate the hassles and costs associated with multiple contractors, property valuations, and expense submissions.
  • REO Transformation Solutions will handle those responsibilities in full compliance with renovation loan program guidelines.
  • This integrated system eliminates the history of contractor and borrower fraud that plagued renovation loan programs of the past.

Home Contractor approval and completion controls

  • Independent diagnostic inspections to identify repair items
  • Nationwide pricing with consistent bid format – no more price gouging
  • Rapid turn times – all repairs are completed by trained professionals
  • Eliminates collusion between appraisers, borrowers and HUD consultants
  • Independent inspection of repairs keeps contractors honest

Program loan management and administration

  • Careful coordination of borrower, contractor(s), inspectors
  • Experienced fund control management and disbursement
  • Project cost and budget review experience
  • Skilled in contractor review/background checks
  • Knowledge of GSE program requirements
  • “No-Lien Guarantee” prevents costly surprises after thee work is done

Title Services

  • Search for missed liens or other encumbrances on the title
  • Ensure the title is clean and prepped for sale
  • One closing, one first-mortgage loan with reduced costs and risks

Transform your REO asset situation, and reduce carry times.

Make one call instead of many.  Contact Us, or Call Toll-free 800.451.8138

TT Lender Solutions provides lenders with rapid and profitable recovery solutions for their new construction and light commercial projects through its expert loss mitigation, distressed portfolio services, default and REO services and integration with national title services. The seasoned professional staff has helped lenders turn more than $1 billion in nonperforming, stalled or defaulted projects into positive cash flow.


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